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Immunizations & CPR Information


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Immunization and CPR Information

It is the responsibility of the incoming student to acquire all immunizations and complete an American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider CPR course if required by your program. The student identification (ID) number must be written on each page of the submitted documents. The student must provide a copy of each document and submit them to Student Services. If a student does not have the immunizations required by the first day of class, an Incomplete Health Form will be given to the student. Specific information about each required immunization and the CPR course are as follows:

Immunizations Required

All Students

The MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) immunizations: must be completed and documentation submitted by each incoming student before attending classes.  Students born before January 1, 1957, are required to provide proof of one (1) MMR; students born after January 1, 1957, must provide proof of two (2) MMR’s.  Documentation of a MMR Titer must be approved through the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).   Documentation of MMR Titer must show immunity to all three.

The PPD (TB) skin test: must be completed within 30 days of the first day of class. If a student has a positive PPD, the result must be reported to the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). The student must provide a copy of a negative T-spot of findings or a chest x-ray, which documents negative results, or a copy of a completed TB assessment/questionnaire from the ADH to be allowed to remain in the program.

The Tetanus immunization: is required and documentation must reflect a booster shot within the last ten (10) years.

Varicella (Chickenpox): - documents of two (2) doses separated by 28 days or documentation of immunity to disease by results of a titer. The 2nd dose must have been after age four (4).

Hepatitis B immunizations: must be completed or the first shot in the series of required three (3) shots has been documented with the remaining two (2) shots received according to series requirements.If a student wishes to waive the Hepatitis B requirement, the student must obtain a BHCLR Hepatitis B waiver form, which must be signed by a Physician or APRN and  notarized.

Where can I go if I need an Immunization?
Occupational Health Services in BHRI (202-7125)
The Arkansas Health Department (After the age of 18 years will not give the Hepatitis B shot or Varicella vaccines)
Family physician



The CPR Course must be an American Heart Association (AHA) “Health Care Provider” course.  A copy of both sides of the CPR card must be submitted which validates a course completed and which will not expire in the upcoming semester.  Incoming students will have the opportunity to sign up for an AHA BLS Provider Course at Welcome Day. CPR certification lasts for two (2) years. It is the student�s responsibility to schedule and complete a course within the first 30 days of class to ensure it will not expire in the upcoming semester.

Please follow up with your Program Director/Coordinator for more specific information regarding the requirements for your specific program.

Where can I go if I need CPR?
Baptist Health Training Center � jeff.jeffries@baptist-health.org