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Nurses provide and direct others in the provision of nursing care to patients in acute care settings and a variety of other healthcare agencies. Nurses work closely with physicians and other members of the healthcare team.

Fast Facts

  • The School of Nursing was the first program at BHCLR with five graduates in 1921
  • The Traditional Track accepts two cohorts each year, a January start and a July start
  • Most instructional weeks are four days per week
  • The admissions selection review begins upon receipt of all required items
The application deadline for a January start is November 1st, with a file completion deadline of November 15th. The application deadline for a July start is May 1st, with a file completion deadline of May 15th. The BHCLR Schools of Nursing operate under a rolling admissions cycle and applicants are considered for admission as their files become complete. As a result, applications completed at or near the deadline are considered as space is available.

ABHES and ASBN Nursing Outcomes

Traditional Track (AAS)

The Traditional Track begins twice a year and offers two options depending on the applicant’s college experience, particularly in the sciences.

  • Traditional Track: Enter directly into the three semester nursing program with seven of the nine required general education courses which must include Comp I, Comp II, College Algebra, and all four required sciences with lab. (3 Semesters)
  • Traditional Track plus Gen Ed Prep: Enter the program as a general education prep student with four of the nine general education courses which must include Comp I, College Algebra, Anatomy & Physiology I and one additional required science course with lab. (4 Semesters)

Required College Courses for the Traditional Track (AAS)

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) is a postsecondary education resource service that provides comparable course information to facilitate student transfer within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Where available, ACTS course numbers are included. See Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) transfer student information for more information. Please be sure to select UA-PTC as the “transfer to” institution. All required college courses must be completed with a C or better.

The nine (9) Required General Education Courses are:

ENGL 1013 English Composition I
ENGL 1023 English Composition II
MATH 1103 College Algebra
SOCI 1013 Sociology
PSYC 1103 Psychology
BIOL 2404 Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab
BIOL 2414 Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab
BIOL 2004 Microbiology with Lab
CHEM 1214 or 1414 Chemistry with Lab

BHCLR RN Traditional Nursing Course Curriculum

Semester 1 (Freshman) Adult Nursing I (10 credit hours)
Pharmacology (3 credit hours)
Semester 2 (Sophomore I) Adult Nursing II (7 credit hours)
Mental Health (4 credit hours)
Women’s Health (4 credit hours)
Semester 3 (Sophomore II) Adult Nursing III (7 credit hours)
Children’s Health (4 credit hours)
Synthesis of Nursing Concepts (1 credit hour)

Application Requirements

Below are the minimum requirements for the Traditional Track. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Applicants are ranked based on overall academic history. It is the applicant’s responsibility to turn in all required items for the program application process. Any additional requirements will be listed on your MYBHCLR Portal.

  • Completed online application.
  • Must be a high school graduate or have a GED and submit official high school or GED transcript.
  • Must submit official transcripts from ALL previously attended institutions.

Entrance Exam Requirements

NOTICE: Effective 07/01/22, ATI TEAS exams must be taken in an on-campus, proctored environment. Remotely proctored exams will not be considered.
  • The ATI TEAS Entrance Exam with a 60% minimum composite score and a 58.7% minimum Reading subset score. A 65% composite score is preferred. ATI TEAS scores must be no more than two (2) years old.


  • ACT minimum composite score of 19 or above and a minimum score of 19 or above in the Reading subset. ACT test scores must be no more than ten (10) years old. BHCLR “superscores” the ACT by using the highest subset score from each test to calculate your composite score.


There is no minimum GPA requirement. Applicants are required to have a C or better in all required courses and applicants are ranked according to academic criteria.

Selection of students is based on a comprehensive review and ranking of the applicant’s overall academic history. Factors evaluated include entrance exam scores, grades earned in required courses, academic history in collegiate study and performance in other nursing programs.

The ATI TEAS is a required test for applying to the Nursing program. The ATI TEAS measures basic essential skills in the Academic content domains of Reading, Mathematics, Science and English language usage.
Please click here to access the frequently asked questions about the ATI TEAS.

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Please download the Nursing cost plan for estimated costs.

Robin Shepherd
Nursing Admissions

Stacey Sides
Nursing Admissions

For All Arkansas colleges, please refer to the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) for transferability. Please be sure to select the University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College as the “transfer to” institution. If you do not find your private institution listed or if your courses are from an out of state college, please email Stacey Sides at for further assistance.

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