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The BHCLR VITALS Course Material Program <br /> VITALS: “Very Important Textbook and Learning Supplies”
The BHCLR VITALS Course Material Program
VITALS: “Very Important Textbook and Learning Supplies”

BHCLR Online Bookstore

At BHCLR, students enrolled in the Nuclear Medicine, Radiography, Practical Nursing and the Nursing programs don’t need to make separate purchases for textbooks—it’s all included through the VITALS program! 

Created in partnership with VitalSource, Inc., and powered by TextbookX, BHCLR’s Online Bookstore and the VITALS program provides an innovative, personalized, and affordable course material solution for students. At the start of each qualifying term, students will receive the physical and digital course materials they need in order to succeed. Simple!

Student enrolled in Patient Care Technician, Sleep Technology, and Surgical Technology programs will utilize the Student Choice feature of VitalSource.

Fall 2024 Book List

Frequently Asked Questions for the VITALS Program:

Do I have to verify my order before it is delivered?

Nope! The bookstore will send you a confirmation email so that you know what materials you will be receiving, but you do not need to take any action to ensure the materials are delivered. You can track the status of your course material in the My Course Materials section by clicking the “Summary” link.

Where can I find one list with everything I need for the term?

You can click Explore next to My Course Materials. Alternatively, visit the “My Courses” page which will list all of the courses that you are registered for plus all of the materials that you will receive.

How do I access my digital course materials?

All digital course material access information will be emailed to students on or before the first day of class. Depending on the item, materials will be available through a student’s LMS account, a publisher website, or through VitalSource. If you ever need a reminder about what digital course materials you should have access to, visit your eLibrary in your Bookstore account to see a master list.

Are the digital items fully accessible?

VitalSource, the main platform through which the Bookstore delivers digital items, is fully accessible. If physical copies of materials are needed, students should contact the school’s accessibility office on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if I drop a course?

Dropping a class: If physical items were delivered to you, you will receive an email with instructions on how to return the items. All received physical items must be returned to avoid penalty and access to digital materials will be cut off. If you have already accessed digital course materials for dropped courses, please contact the Customer Experience team for further instructions.
Refunds will be processed in accordance with existing deadlines and procedures through the school’s registrar’s office.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about my course materials?

Contact the Online Bookstore’s Customer Experience team by clicking on the Help tab at the top of the bookstore page.

It’s the first day of class and my textbooks aren’t available for pickup or I don’t see the digital materials in my Bookstore eLibrary account.

Contact our Customer Experience team. If you’ve recently added a course, then the order might still be on its way. Customer Experience will give you a status update or review your account in case there is a discrepancy.

What happens if physical items are damaged or destroyed?

If there is a problem with the items that were delivered, our Customer Experience team will replace them as needed. Contact them via the Help page on the website.

What happens if I am missing a textbook or received the wrong one?

Contact our Customer Experience team on the website and they will assist you. Make sure to include your email, course name, course section, and the ISBN of the missing item.

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