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Mastering Finals: Five Tips to Ace Your Exams and Reduce Stress

The dreaded week is quickly approaching – finals. The end of the semester is filled with submitting projects and homework, all while managing to prepare for final exams. To help take the stress off of the busy week, here are five tips to help you successfully study for your tests: 


Delegate your time wisely. 

As you shuffle through your notes, make sure you divide your time amongst all topics. Pay careful attention to topics that you are having trouble grasping. Be sure to delegate more time to these topics to ensure you master the content. 


Have a good study space. 

No matter how tempted you are to lay on your bed and study, do not do it! Study in a space where you can stay focused on your work. Make sure there are limited distractions to get the most out of your study time. Good study spaces could include a desk, library or coffee shop. 


Make flashcards. 

Using flashcards allows you to easily quiz yourself on the content you are studying. You could make your flashcard by hand or use an online study platform like Quizlet. Divide your cards into content you know and content you do not. Reviewing the content you do not know over and over again will lead to mastery. 


Break studying up into measurable pieces. 

Studying can be overwhelming. Break up your study time into increments to make the dreaded task a little less overwhelming. Devote 25 minutes to staying focused on your content and then take a 15 to 20 minute break. Not only will this help you get through all of your content, it will also help you retain information. 


Take breaks frequently. 

Reward yourself and your hard work by taking a break. Eat a healthy snack like nuts, fruit or string cheese, go for a walk, take a stretch, drink some water, fill up your coffee cup or watch your favorite show. Give your brain a good break from the content you have heavily reviewed. 


With these tips, hard work and lots of extra hours, you can successfully conquer your finals and start your much needed holiday break. Best of luck! 

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