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Garner, Karen FacultySchool of Nursing501-202-6630
Gates, Lindsey PNSchool of Practical Nursing501-202-7819
Gatton-Bridges, Debra FacultySchool of Practical Nursing501-202-6087
Gautney, Karen FacultySchool of Practical Nursing501-202-7991
Gillespie, Thekla School Support StaffStudent Services501-202-7466
Glenn, Schelista FacultySchool of Nursing501-202-7910
Grantham, Nicole FacultySchool of Nursing501-202-7911
Gray, Garrett School Support StaffAllied Health Schools501-202-7740
Griffis, Bethany Accounting Specialist IIStudent Services501-202-7929
Growns, Richard Application AnalystStudent Services501-202-7711
Guffey, Daniel FacultySchool of Nuclear Medicine Technology501-202-7919
Guffy, Cheyenne LibrarianLibrary501 202-2671