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Welcome Incoming Students!

Students that are new to BHCLR are encouraged to view the following information:

Online Readiness Assessment

The Online Readiness Assessment is required to be completed by students enrolled in either blended or full distance education courses. If you are unsure if you are enrolled in an online course, check the school catalog or contact your Program Director or Coordinator.

  • Please print and complete the Online Readiness Assessment
    The purpose of the Online Readiness Assessment is to ensure you have the resources to be successful when taking an online course whether it is hybrid/blended or a full distance education course.
  • Review your results and read the following two resources on how to be successful in an online course:
    Getting the Most Out of Your eLearning Course: 10 Study Tips for Online Learners
    5 Tips to Succeed in an Online Course
  • Please sign and date the completed Online Readiness Assessment.
  • Submit this copy to the course leader or program director of your blended or full distance education course.
  • Once your academic advisor has been assigned, share results with them.

  • Watch the seven Jenzabar videos as a beginning point to your orientation to Jenzabar

    Getting Started with e-Learning
    Viewing the Syllabus
    Taking an Online Test
    Completing a File Upload Assignment
    Completing a Course Forum Assignment
    Viewing Attendance Record
    Viewing your Grades