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UALR RN to BSN Completer Agreement

The Baptist Health College Little Rock (BHCLR) - School of Nursing is proud to coordinate with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) to offer BHCLR School of Nursing graduates an option to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The completer agreement between BHCLR and UALR is student-friendly and accessible. Some of the highlights are:

  • The agreement serves current and historical graduates from the BHCLR School of Nursing program.
  • UALR will accept Pulaski Technical College courses taken as part of the BHCLR School of Nursing curriculum as transfer credit.
  • UALR Department of Nursing offers reserved online sections of the junior level Writing course to prospective BSN completer students.
  • All UALR upper-level nursing courses are offered online. The program is designed to meet the continuing education needs of employed RNs.
  • The program welcomes both part-time and full-time students.
  • The BSN Completer curriculum allows for integrated and application project experiences in the student's community.

Please continue reading for additional details.

General Description · Admission Requirements for BHCLR School of Nursing Graduates · Completer Curriculum through UALR · Frequently Asked Questions · Contact Information · General Education Requirements

General Description

UALR offers a 34-hour BSN completer program for diploma or associate degree graduates. The completer curriculum is designed to be completed in one calendar year if the student attends on a full-time basis. Students may choose to enroll part-time which lengthens the program to eighteen months. Courses are web-based and students are required to have computer/internet access. There are nine courses in the completer program, three of which require a practicum/clinical component.

Admission Requirements for BHCLR School of Nursing Graduates

  • Individual must be admitted as a general student to UALR.
  • Individual must submit a completed UALR Department of Nursing Application form.
  • Admission is competitive and based on GPA in nursing curriculum and support courses at the time of application. Additional information on quality point calculation is located at http://ualr.edu/nursing/.
  • UALR admits BSN completer students in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • Individual must present a current, unencumbered license as a registered nurse.
  • Individual must be employed full-time or part-time as a registered nurse.

Completer Curriculum through UALR

Health Assessment I NURS 3220 2 hours
Health Assessment II NURS 3230 2 hours
Professional Role Development NURS 3310 3 hours
Wellness Promotion and the Nurse Educator NURS 3420 4 hours
Health Care Economics NURS 3430 4 hours
Research and Evidence Based Practice NURS 3440 4 hours
Ethics, Legalities, and Advocacy NURS 3350 3 hours
Nursing Practice: Community Health Needs NURS 4415 4 hours
Nursing Practice: Leadership and Management NURS 4420 4 hours
Nursing Practice: Integration of Concepts NURS 4430 4 hours

Available upper level nursing electives: NURS 3305 Nursing Informatics, NURS 4110, 4210 or 4310 Special Topics



  1. Where can I complete the additional general education courses that I need?
  2. You can complete some of the general education courses at your local, regionally accredited 2-year or 4-year college. For your convenience, PTC and UALR articulation guides are available at www.bhclr.edu. Upper level electives are completed at UALR.

  3. Must I complete all general education requirements before enrolling in the BSN completer courses?
  4. No. To be eligible for admission to the UALR BSN completer program, a student must complete at least 12 credit hours of general education beyond what was required for the BHCLR School of Nursing diploma program. Students may complete the remaining general education courses while enrolled in the completer nursing courses.

  5. I have many of the required general education courses from many years ago, will they transfer to UALR?
  6. Yes. There is no time limit on general education coursework. The Department of Nursing Academic Advisor (501-569-8070) at UALR can help students evaluate their college experience and determine transferability of courses.

  7. Can the transcripts that I submitted to BHCLR be transferred to UALR?
  8. No, BHCLR and UALR do not share student records. Official transcripts from each institution you attended must be sent from the institutions to the UALR Office of Admissions and Records. Copies of transcripts should be included with your Department of Nursing application. You can request an official BHCLR transcript by visiting the student services tab at www.bhclr.edu.

  9. How do I apply to the completer program?
  10. All application materials and official transcripts will be submitted to UALR. Prospective students should schedule an advising session with a UALR Department of Nursing faculty member and bring all unofficial transcripts to the advising session. Please call 501-569-8081 for more information.

  11. Can I enroll in any upper level nursing courses before being officially accepted into the completer program?
  12. Yes. Students may enroll in NURS 3220 and 3230 Health Assessment after submitting an application to the Department of Nursing. Students must be accepted into the program before enrolling in additional NURS coursework.

  13. Which institution will award the degree?
  14. Upon completion, students will receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from UALR.

    Contact Information 

    Contact: UALR
    Jon Vickers
    Academic Advisor
    Department of Nursing
    2801 South University Ave
    Little Rock, AR 72204
    501-569-8070 (phone)

    Contact: BHCLR
    Judy I Pile, EdD
    Asst VP, Education
    11900 Col Glenn Road
    Little Rock, AR 72210
    501-202-7433 (phone)

    Contact: BHCLR
    Laura Hamilton, RN, MNSc
    Dean of Nursing
    11900 Col Glenn Road
    Little Rock, AR 72210
    501-202-7937 (phone)

    BHCLR website: www.bhclr.edu

    UALR website: http://ualr.edu/nursing


    General Education Requirements

    UALR accepts courses taken through PTC that are part of the BHCLR School of Nursing requirements. This information is a general guide for students and includes the additional general education courses that are required for the BSN degree. The UALR Department of Nursing Academic Advisor will assist you in evaluating your college credits and in designing a realistic plan for BSN completion. Please note that each institution may evaluate CLEP credit differently.

    Completed General Education Courses:

    Cr Hrs Course PTC Course UALR Course
    PSYC 2300
    PSYC 2300
    SOCI 2300
    SOC 2300
    Composition I
    ENGL 1311
    RHET 1311
    HLSC 2300
    A & P I
    BIOL 1402
    BIOL 1411
    A & P II
    BIOL 1403
    BIOL 1412
    BIOL 2401
    BIOL 2401
    Chemistry I
    CHEM 1403/1407
    CHEM 1400*
    *A higher level Chemistry will also be accepted

    Additional Required General Education Courses:

    Cr Hrs Course PTC Course UALR Course Notes
    Composition II
    ENGL 1312
    RHET 1312
    Coll. Algebra
    MATH 1302
    MATH 1302
    PSYC 2340
    PSYC 2310 or 2340
    STATS 2350 or
    SOCI 3381/3181
    Select One
    Fine Arts
    MUSC 2300 or
    ARTS 2300 or
    THEA 2300
    MUHL 2305 or
    ARTH 2305 or
    DRTH 2305
    Select One
    PHIL 2320
    ENGL 2339
    ENGL 2337
    PHIL 2320
    ENGL 2338
    ENGL 2337
    Select One
    History of Civilization
    HIST 1311
    HIST 1312
    HIST 1312
    HIST 1312
    Select One
    US History
    HIST 2311
    HIST 2312
    POLS 1310
    HIST 2311
    HIST 2312
    POLS 1310
    Select One
    Not Available
    RHET 3316
    RHET 3326
    Upper Level Course
    Upper Level Electives
    Not Available
    Student Choice
    Upper Level Courses