Design Your Mascot: Submit Your Idea!

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The Criteria 

Submissions for the mascot must be the following qualifications:

  • Be a unifying symbol for the BHCLR campus and larger BHCLR community.
  • Represent positive qualities, ideals, or associations around which people can rally for decades to come.
  • Be broadly relevant across the BHCLR community, student body, and generations of alumni. 
  • Be representative of the BHCLR experience or history, either generally or specifically. 
  • Translate to a design that looks good visually and works well across a variety of mediums (clothing apparel, website, etc.). 
  • Work well with school colors of green and navy blue. 

The Committee

Baptist Health College’s Mascot Selection Committee is comprised of 13 people- 1 student, 2 alumni, 5 faculty, and 5 staff. 

The Timeline

July 8 – August 19 

Open call for mascot submissions

August 20 – September 4

The Mascot Selection Committee will narrow submissions to 5-10 semifinalists that best represent Baptist Health College and present to focus groups of students, faculty, and alumni.

September 4- September 18

The Selection Committee will present the final 3-5 designs to College Leadership and Baptist Health administration for consideration. The Selection Committee will then select the new mascot. 

September 24- October 28

Visual designs and artwork will be created and presented to focus groups to finalize the design. 


New mascot will be announced to the Baptist Health College community! 

A Message from the President 

This initiative marks an exciting chapter in our institution’s history as we aim to create a symbol that will embody the values, purpose, and mission of our school on campus and within the larger Baptist Health College community.

We invite all creative minds across campus, our alumni network, the Baptist Health System, and the public to contribute ideas that reflect Baptist Health College. Whether it’s a drawing, digital design, or description of your concept, we want to see your vision of a mascot that represents our shared commitment to shape the health of Arkansans by educating and mentoring healthcare professionals with excellence and Christian compassion. 

I encourage  you to participate in this opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on our campus. Your creativity and passion will help shape a new symbol that future generations will rally around for decades to come!

For You. For Life. 

Dr. Joel Hicks

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